When I created the coatl.dev organization, and its first repository, I was surprised when I noticed that the default branch was named main instead of the usual master. So I decided to learn more about it.

Starting October 1, 2020, GitHub rolled-out a change that used the name main for the default branch. So all new repositories use main as default branch name.

It is worth noting that renaming and using any other name for your default branch has always been possible, but I count myself in the millions of users that didn’t bother or never even noticed it.

Whatever the motivation, I do agree that distancing oneself from such terms is only positive.

I have already renamed master to main on all of my repos, but I’m not sure on how to proceed on forked repositories I’m using for my GitHub profile. And at this point it appears to be impossible to make the switch on Wiki pages, but maybe in the near future that will be possible as well.

I am aware that this might not change the world, but I wish it could.

Are you interested in renaming your master branch?

See here, here, or here.