Recently I purchased the domain at Google Domains, as it was cheaper on Google than on Namecheap. And inspired by that I decided that I would also create an organization, so was born.

I am not yet sure what I will do with it, but one thing is for certain, it will be related to Python. Hence, Coatl.

And once that orgranization was created, I wanted to verify the domain controlled by that organization. So I followed GitHub’s guide on verifying an organization’s domain, but something was not properly working.

DuckDuckGoing I stumbled upon an article titled “Verify GitHub Organization’s Domain on Namecheap” by a certain Derek Fong that did solve the issue where GitHub was unable to verify my organization’s domain.

So here are the steps I followed for Google Domains:

  1. Go to your Github’s organization’s profile page
  2. Navigate to Settings > Verified domains and click on Add a domain
  3. Enter your domain, and click on Add domain,
  4. GitHub will require you to add a DNS TXT record, e.g. _github-challenge-<ORGANIZATION_NAME>, and it will also provide a value for that record
  5. Take note of both, and head over to Google Domains
  6. Click on Manage on the domain you’re attempting to verify
  7. Select DNS from the left pane and scroll all the way down to Custom resource records
  8. On the Name field enter _github-challenge-<ORGANIZATION_NAME>. Note that we’re not adding as GitHub suggests
  9. Select TXT as Type from the dropdown
  10. Leave the 1H setting for TTL
  11. On the Data field paste the code from GitHub, and click on Add. The following notification will appear: “Changes to saved. They’ll take effect within the next 48 hours.”
  12. Go back to the verification process on GitHub, and click on Verify domain, which will tell you that the verification process might take up to 72 hours

And as easy as that, you’re done.