As you may have noticed, I just recently started this Jekyll blog and still getting the hang of it.

In my previous post, I suggested a couple of extensions you could use in Visual Studio Code for markdown without too much tinkering. And while these extensions are very useful, I just found jekyll-compose, and boy is it handy!

As suggested here, just add that line to your Gemfile, so it looks like this:

gem 'jekyll-compose', group: [:jekyll_plugins]

Or if you plan to “grow”, do this instead:

group :jekyll_plugins do
    gem 'jekyll-compose'

After successfully installing it, just by typing the following command I get a new drat under the _drafts folder:

bundle exec jekyll draft "New Draft"

And jekyll-compose takes care of properly naming the file, so you can take care of the important stuff.


  1. Add jekyll-compose to your Gemfile
  2. Execute bundle command
  3. bundle exec jekyll draft "{title}"
  4. Write your post
  5. bundle exec jekyll publish _drafts/{title}.md
  6. Commit and push
  7. Success!

Don’t forget to read the documentation!